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Funeral Services

Funeral Services

One of the works of Misericordia is to “bury the dead.” Our Work was born in the 60 from the need to offer their members and to whoever asks for qualified funeral services at reasonable prices in total respect of the deceased and the family, especially in the early stages, it needs to support human and organizational .

Our staff, operating 24 hours, is formed and able to administer the service from the moment of the call until the time of burial. It errands practices ranging from normal service, the cremation until transfer or receipt of corpses from abroad. Next to the Administrative and Operational headquarters is the Chapel Social where the bodies can be exposed in total respect of the pain of the family. Other Mercies that do not have this type of service implemented our support for years by taking advantage of the preferential treatment reserved to our members. In fact we work with the sisters of Rufina, Castagno d’Andrea and Varlungo Florence.

The Misericordia of Pontassieve offers families the opportunity to host and expose their relatives at the Chapel Sociale, located in the historic headquarters in Via Vittorio Veneto, 2 / A


Per contatti: onoranze.funebri@misericordiapontassieve.org  


Our Services

La Misericordia di Pontassieve è lieta di presentare i servizi offerti alla popolazione, grazie alle offerte che ci permettono di migliorare le attività dei vari settori di intervento: SERVIZI SANITARI   SERVIZI SOCIALI

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